Monday 22 July 2013

Back to the Wall of Corn - Appreciating Penzance

OK, so Portugal was amazing, but let's get back to life, back to reality, and back to Cornwall!!

I'll be honest, I've been quite up and down recently (even with the amazing weather!).  Some days are a lot more of a struggle than others, and some days I stop focussing on the moment and I start worrying about tomorrow - mainly about not having and not being enough.  Not enough energy, not enough money, not enough positivity, not enough social 'juice'.  Even though I've been so looking forward to having people to visit, when I feel low I worry that I won't cope.  Everything feels like too much.  But praise God for friends who listen, sisters who phone, neighbours that take me out for ice-cream, a family that knows me, a husband who hugs and praise God that He has enough for me, every day.

So, when it comes down to it, most things I worry about turn out absolutely fine.  A great friend from university came to visit last week and it was such a gift.  She blessed me tons with her generosity and company - now that hubby has started work (hooray!!) it was amazing to have someone to explore, sea swim, enjoy the sun, and have a drink/tea/cake/lunch with. Yeh... also to have someone who appreciates food as much as me! haha!

What was especially good was to enjoy Penzance and see different sides of it other than just work.

We bought tasty pies from The Cornish Hen Deli and ate them in Morrab Gardens.

We volunteered a little and went to some events that were part of The Penzance Literary Festival including a talk by the Penzance Amnesty International Group and improvisations by the youth theatre group at The Acorn.

We swam in the Jubilee Pool, a huge, outdoor, seawater swimming pool.

We drank tea and ate amazing cakes at The Lost and Found Cafe

And... we ate a delicious lunch of mackerel at Mackerel Sky, where I work.  I'm not just saying it because I'm a waitress there, it really is a very good place to eat.

So for all you tourists heading this way this summer, there's quite a lot of good stuff in 'PZ' to check out - don't diss it before you try it! :-)

All in all, last week made me appreciate the place I'm living quite a lot more.  Hooray for that.

And now my family is here for a visit, all the better!

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Adele said...

We need to come visit you soon too!