Tuesday 18 September 2012

Good Tings

OK enough of seeing the last post every time I look at my blog...

Change of tone:  Here are some GOOD things from the last week or two for which I am THANKFUL...

  • Travelling on trains in the middle of the day, when a seat at a table is pretty much guaranteed
  • Catching up with sisters
  • New cocktails... the one I had at 'Island Bar' in Birmingham had rum, cocoa liqueur, lime, cream and orange zest. Mmm mmm mmm!
  • Carrot cake and ginger wine (thanks mum!)
  • Exploring new places - this time Shropshire/Wales
  • Time to sit and read the paper with my parents
  • Being taken out as a surprise treat to see some amazing acoustic guitarists
  • Celebrating one year of marriage
  • A new friend
  • Sofa time with an old friend when you can talk about everything and anything
  • New-to-me jeans and bras that fit. woop - Thank you Mum's friend who always seems to be getting rid of clothes!
  • Walking with my Dad
  • Roast lamb (thanks Jean!)
  • Laughter and 'real talk' in our living room with people we love

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