Monday 23 April 2012

Movers and Shakers

This Saturday I was at 'Movement in Worship Associates Day'.  I'm not going to go into depth explaining what Movement in Worship is right now... check out the website, or come along to a workshop.  But basically on Saturday I was with a bunch of creative (crazy? perhaps a little) people, who are convinced that in order to worship God with all that we are, our bodies have got to be involved.  We've got to be intentional about moving.  Or, if we are still, that should be intentional too - not a result of fear or laziness or constraint.  There were trained dancers, but also a lot of people who just love to move, have to move, in order to express what's inside them.  And I was reminded again at the release of movement, at the ability of our bodies to communicate that which we cannot put into words, of the power of touch to comfort.  I was encouraged and inspired by watching the truths that others carry.  And later on, I danced my socks off till I could dance no more.

So this, is for all the brave, sensitive, passionate people I have the privilege of worshipping our God with:

We're the weird ones
"The crazy ones"
The ones with flags
The ones with the drums
The ones with the banners
The ones with the shakers
The shakers
The movers
The earth-quakers
The spinners and jumpers and stompers and steppers
The hoppers and jivers and swayers and fighters
The ones at the back, clapping and shouting
The ones at the front, not caring who's watching
The ones who are still, lost in his presence
The ones who breathe Him in
And breathe Him out -
Into the streets and the squares
And the mountain tops and dark corners
And dry places
Bringing life and colour
Bringing comfort to mourners
And challenge to scorners
And rain in the desert
And joy to the desolate
We move
We move
We move
Truth into motion
Using bodies to communicate groans too deep for words
Word into flesh
Flesh onto dry bones
We are an army
Of Worshipping Warriors
And we battle the boxes
And fight constraint
And say 'No' to fear
And move
And move
And move


Kirsty H said...

Love it! Kirsty xx

Anonymous said...

Truly truly love this and every fibre of my being says Amen... X sj :)