Monday, 10 October 2011

Sometimes "Thank you" seems too small a word. Well, two words.

Our wedding and our honeymoon were one huge gigantic GIFT. Literally. Mr Quinn and I are not exactly rolling in it, and yet through the generosity of family and friends we had a wedding day that was better than either of us could have imagined, a honeymoon that was one of the best holidays either of us have ever had, AND we have a lovely flat to live in. WOW! We are blessed beyond belief and so thankful, because as I said, none of it’s been down to us. I say none of it... OK we did work our little a**es (which got even littler due to a generous dollop of stress!) off over the summer to save money, and every other spare minute was taken up with wedding planning. But that made the day and the honeymoon even more special. We were so glad it all came together and SO appreciated having a break away after!

I’m intending on writing more details about everything over the next few weeks, which some of you may be interested in, and some not, but either way...I hope you’re all reading this: if you were involved in any way with our wedding, be it driving miles to get here, setting up tables, making origami birds, sending us a letter, making a cake, etc, etc let me just say the biggest THANK YOU from Mr Q and me, we really can’t say it enough. We were overwhelmed by people’s generosity and kindness. It’s a privilege and a pleasure to have friends and family like you. X x x (and don’t worry Mum, in case you think we were trying to get away with not doing them... thank you letters WILL be coming... soon....!!)

ahhh look at those shiny happy faces! ;-)

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Heather said...

Katrina (& Llewellyn in absentia), well said - we are so pleased that you both had an amazing wedding and honeymoon! God bless you both as you have embarked on an exciting journey together, with our Saviour as your Navigator on the seas of life together. May you always have Him as the Centre of your lives, guiding you, blessing you, using you to be a blessing, for Him to others.

Much love from us across the 'waters',
Heather (Mom) and Alan xoxo