Sunday, 20 March 2011

more roofing

another HIGHlight (pun intented!) up on the roof was wednesday afternoon, which we spent with a group of orphan girls that the beach centre has been regularly hanging out with for the last few years. Coming here is a chance for them to have a break from their strict school routines and have some fun. And fun we did have! We played games, did an activity using flags and then we just danced around crazily to some Godfrey Birtill songs. You know those moments when you just feel so glad to be in a certain place at a certain time? That was one of those - jumping around wildly with everyone, sweating, and enjoying being together. It was also one of those times that bond you a little deeper with people, and since then have felt much more 'at home' here and that the students and staff here are becoming my friends. Hooray!! What a privilege...

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