Friday 28 January 2011


highlights of this week (in no particular order):

  1. butternut squash and chocolate cake at Nia cafe in Brighton (and a very kind boyfriend who paid!)
  2. new boots! which were just what i'd had in mind, AND reduced, last in the shop and found without any shopping effort! Thank you God for caring about the little things... I'd been praying about it! :-)
  3. breaking - i have started training again and there's lots of people coming to dance on a Monday which makes for a good atmosphere. i am pondering learning some locking since if i am very honest with myself i'll probably never manage to do most breaking moves! doh.
  4. wholegrain bagels with cream cheese... why have i not eaten more of these in my life?!!
  5. horseplay - a monthly night of poetry, music and randomness! i performed 2 poems which i was pleased about and they seemed to go down well. was a mixed evening but there was a brilliant, quite spiritual, moment at the end with some beautiful music and appreciated honesty
  6. housemates. they are just great
  7. new life - this week two friends have become mothers and one friend a grandmother for the first time!

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