Sunday 29 August 2010


another season has come to an end. Just had our final DNA residential up in Inverness. I have never been that far north before. It took about 17 hours from Brighton to final destination - a community hall in a very rural community about half an hour from Inverness. Most of that was spent on a megabus, attempting to sleep and mainly failing... so it definitely felt like we'd come a long way!! But it was REALLY good to be in Scotland (despite it being very definitely colder and meeting the local midge residents!) and we had a great time together, reflecting on the year and enjoying being together as a group for the last time. it's been a journey for sure, this year. and its important to remember the good things. because there have been many and it's easy to forget... easy to doubt that things have changed, that we have grown, that we have taken steps forwards.

the next steps are still quite unknown, but i'm taking one day at a time. which is totally fine. hoping for some rest in september, and time to think and pray on what's next...

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