Friday 8 January 2010

American dream on

(a challenge to myself as much as anyone else!)

The 'American dream' converts to prison bars
As Father working overtime realises he’ll never get that far
Because the dream is but a shadow it keeps getting further away
The dream is but a mirage shimmering deceptively on a hot day
Yet we keep the heating on to avoid seeing it in the cold light of day
Shut our eyes tight and hope and pray that Father Christmas in heaven will show us the way
To a nicer car and a bigger house
To a comfortable life and a perfect spouse
Letting the advertising companies shape our ambition and reduce our lives to petty competition
Never realising that contentment is found elsewhere
Never stopping to experience the joy found in care
Care of our neighbour, care of our friends
Care of the dying who won’t see the weekend
Care of the weak and the sick and the poor
Care of the homeless man sleeping in the doorway
Cuz he’s lost everything and he can’t pay for a bed
While you insulate and double glaze your shed
And sit back to appreciate some peace from the kids and the wife
While the lonely long for someone with whom to share their life
But we shut all the curtains and lock all the doors
Turn up the music so we don’t hear their call
Keep our hankerchiefs clean, avoid wiping their tears
Maintain the illusion of the dream, don’t listen to their fears

When will we wake up?!
From our picket fence perfection
And realise our defection
Exchange our manicured lawns for broken streets
Where a single blade of grass pushes up through the concrete
Demonstrating hope far more clearly than a promotion
Painting a real picture of the meaning of redemption
Something that’s really worth fighting for
In this short life that only happens once
May my days make marks upon eternity.

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Ophelia_was said...

Very positive outlook on life. Richard Foster would say that what we all crave is actually simplicity.