Wednesday 8 July 2009


It's been a while. the reason: not a lack of things to say, but FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT. yes yes, that brief interlude of endless free time is over, the diary is back to being full again and sleep time is precious. BUT, as much as it sometimes feel like it's taking over life a little (early mornings, evenings, weekends, etc all feature on the schedule), I am so very grateful for the job because it feels like it fits me pretty good, or i fit it, or something.

So, what is it? Well, I'm working on campus (and also living there, which is a little strange seeing as i no longer study here and it's been 3 years since i lived here...) for the Language Institute as part of the social programme team for the international students that come here for the summer to learn english. Which so far means, quite a lot of office time putting together posters, plans and itineraries, making bookings and plenty of photocopying... all of which isn't the funnest but is good experience i guess, and then taking people on trips and social events. To be more specific it's been taking a really fun group of Spanish primary school teachers to Hampton Court, Bath, Stonehenge, and a beautiful walk by Seven Sisters (photos to come) and then going to the pub last night with all the new arrivals who are from all over the world really. As you might guess, pretty fun! And as a bonus I've been able to practice my Spanish and get to know plenty of great people, including those i'm working with everyday. So, yes i feel very privilged to have to job!

I really like working with international students, i'd even say it brings me alive. I guess i feel like I have something to offer just by the fact that I am from here, that I know the place and that I speak English. So just by welcoming someone, or explaining something, or speaking slowly so that they can understand, you can make a difference to someone's experience here. Whereas around English people perhaps i feel there's more expectation - like you have to be specially interesting or funny or clever in order to make a mark, or to fit in even. Which I know suggests I'm looking at things the wrong way, and I am hoping to learn not to think like that and to be OK with just being myself in all situations, but that's just me being honest. But yeh it's encouraging to feel like this is the right place to be right now. :-)

anyways i am in the office and i should be making restaurant bookings for the "scandinavian social" next week, so that's all for now folks!

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hel-ann said...

can i be a student from a foreign country and learn english at your place, please?