Monday 22 June 2009


How often do we look up at the clouds? And appreciate their detail…
Countless hues and everchanging shapes and forms
Capture our imagination and allow us to dream.
When will you pause to look up at me?
When will you still your busy ways?
And let your breath be taken away by my mystery and beauty.
To see me in ways you’ve never seen me before.
Let me surprise you

And he saw a cloud the size of a man’s fist over the sea.
A dot on the horizon bursting with promise of a new season.
But he had to go and look for it seven times before he saw it.
Are you willing to keep on searching?
Will you look for me again and again and again?
Will you fix your eyes on my promises and dare to dream?

Clouds they bring the rain.
Yes, yes they bring the rain.
I will rain down on this dry and thirsty land
I will cause rivers to flow again
I will make new life grow
I will quench your thirst
I will wash away your hurt

You call out to me but when I come will you let yourself be drenched

or will you curse the clouds?
Will you tell me “that’s enough”, “too much”...
Will you put up your umbrellas and hide away?
Because I am not safe.
I am wild and I will shake things up.
You cannot remain unchanged when you surrender yourselves to me.
So will you take the risk?
Will you welcome the clouds and dance in the rain?

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