Saturday 21 March 2009


Two trains a bus and a plane and I'm back in Spain
Two buses and I'm on a familiar street in Sevilla
Another bus and a coach and I'm in Badajoz.
All in 24 hours.

The air off the plane smelt warm, and tinged with spring.
I've had my first Spanish coffee in many months, sitting in the sun. Happy!
Bought a "bonobus"
Eaten my favourite crisps and some briosh

and very soon i'll be back with the 'jovenes' in the church celebrating some birthdays like old times. I can't believe it's been over 9 months since i was here.

Everything so far has been so familiar that it just felt completely normal to be here. I feel a little more foreign, as i'm no longer residing here, and my hair is blonde again ;-) and my spanish is a little rusty. But i have taken these routes and seen these sights countless times that it feels like i've never been away. Except that some people have left since i was here last, and it is no longer 'home' so i know it will be a different experience. But a good one i am sure. Sevilla still feels to me like a bit of a lonely place and i was much more excited to see the browns and oranges of the blocks of flats in Badajoz than i was the river and the palm trees of Sevilla. But i am looking forwards to catching up with friends and a WEDDING when i go back there next week. woo hoo! :-D

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