Sunday 18 January 2009

thoughts on Jeremiah and Isaiah

the last few chapters of Isaiah made me think about the FIERCENESS of God. Of His LOVE, His jealousy for us, of His Glory. So... a fierceness that is scary but beautiful and incredible and part of what make God God.

The first few chapters of Jeremiah show the depth of His love in another way. It struck me just how our rejection actually breaks His heart. something that lots of people can relate to....

He cries out
unfaithful wife. sons who have deserted me
after all these miles we travelled together. how can you forget me so fast?
after i took your hand,
held you close through the dark nights,
led you when your fears blinded you,
made space for you to be fully yourself.
How do you turn away with such apparent ease? and i hear you say that i'll take you back anytime you chose. oh nails driven deeper into my aching heart, that you would mock my love in such a way.
and these others with whom you flirt and fumble. when did they seek you out from your secret place? rescue you in the storm?
do they even know your name?
do they know what makes you smile and what makes you cry? do they hear your heartbeat?
i cannot comprehend. what is it that you see in them? you sit exposed giving yourself away to anyone who will take you. Pieces. IN pieces.
when i would have ALL of you.
loving you completely. Completing you.

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