Friday 11 July 2008

west wittering

i've recently put up a list of my favourite places. some are special to me because of their stunning natural beauty. but more than that each one is wrapped up in a hundred memories, be it from one day, one week or uncountable visits. Like this one. West Wittering, where my grandparents lived my whole life in the pink house on the corner with roses lining the paths of the garden in which we played countless games of hide and seek. It's a 5 minute walk to the "top of the creek" where people fly kites and you can see sailing boats in the distance on chichester harbour. a further 10 minutes past the crab pool to the "real sea" where the beach is sandy and the dunes pile up in the wind. it looks different every time i go. this is the wonder of creation. familiar yet never ever the same. seasons and wind and rain and time and light and shadow shape infinite faces. high tide pushes the waves up high and windsurfers attempt to conquer them while low tide reveals the expanse of sand speckled by pools of water where toddlers paddle and children swim.
i love it! it's one of those places that if its grey makes me think and talk to the One above and if it's sunny makes me sing as i walk and dance in the waves whether i'm by myself or not.

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