Friday 9 May 2008


i'm in Madrid today. sat in Kasia's lovely room while she goes to the Syrian embassy (!), with the sound of traffic outside and it looks like it's about to rain but hopefully will brighten up later as we're planning to go to Segovia. Which to me sounds like a fairytale place rather than a Spanish town.

i got here last night after a chilled 5 hours on the bus from Badajoz. It feels so good to be on the move, i don't know i've been feeling restless for a while and missing friends... so a mixture of travelling and visiting is just what i wanted. So with my packed-light-state (for a change!) and my blue hippy trousers ("that feel like air"!), i'm contenta.

Last night went to eat at a new 'healthy food all-you-can-eat' place which was GOOOOD, and Matt came to meet us and it was great to just sit and talk and talk and sit and eat and talk. and get hugged.

On Saturday catching the all night bus to Barcelona. Woop! I went there 4 years ago and had a great time. Looking forwards to going back. Although Matt's comment on the 8 hour bus journey was "good luck". A couple of good friends who I'll be working with in Ibiza later in the summer are also going to be in Barcelona this weekend. love it when that happens!

and i'll stop there.

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