Friday 18 April 2008

the little things

just a 'big up' to those things that happen at just the right time, that brighten up the day...

yesterday my family left for the airport in a rush after 4 days of being their tour guide and translator for 2 parents and 3 sisters (in Sevilla plus a daytrip to Cadiz) and suddenly i felt quite small and alone, how i've often felt in Sevilla. I wondered around a bit a went to top up my phone in the internet cafe opposite the university where i always used to go and the guy who works there (whose name i'm ashamed to say i've forgotten!) remembered my name, asked me how i was and as i was leaving gave me a lollipop. (how do you spell that?!). something so small but it made all the difference. and lifted my eyes again to appreciate the beautiful things in life and be thankful.

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