Friday 28 March 2008

walking thoughts

not having internet means.... build up of thoughts and then not knowing which ones to put down on the blog. life is diffcult. i know. haha!

it's been a good week. i've been walking around quite a bit. and each time felt something different. ON monday i walked along the concrete river channel thing (there's no river in it, just graffitti and rubbish) to a part of town i hadn't been to before. It seemed to me like everything i saw - both the people and buildings and landscape was colourless and sad and forgotten and struggling. I don't know if that's a true reflection of the city. Maybe every place has parts that feel like that. I want to walk with open eyes and see the beauty that is hiding, to find hope and not despair. there has to be hope somewhere.

Yesterday i walked and i found places i hadn't seen before, surprising squares and parks and old buildings. I like it when that happens. I also walked two children to school and felt "i am SO not ready to be a mother, not for many years!". Also yesterday when i was walking i realised i felt the most content i have done since i've been here, and excited about the next few months.

Today when i was walking i felt thankful, thankful for contacts and new friends. And a little nervous that tomorrow I have to drive on the right for the first time with a car full of young people!

As well as walking yesterday i also managed to go for a run! Go me! And it actually felt really good. Let's hope i keep it up!

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